4 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism While Writing a Paper

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Academic institutions do not allow this to be done by students or even faculty members as they write they respective research papers or even home works or written assignments.Students who are caught plagiarizing face severe consequences like suspension or even expulsion. As a student, of course you do not want this to happen to you. For that reason, you need some guidance in terms of avoiding plagiarism. And that guidance is the article right here. Discussed below are the 4 tips to avoid plagiarism while writing a paper. It includes the use of the plagiarism check website to avoid plagiarism.

Always Cite Borrowed Information

When you borrow information from other authors, never forget to cite or acknowledge them. This is very important so that you will not be accused of committing plagiarism. However, take note that citations are used not only to acknowledge borrowed information but also to given an impression to the readers of your paper that it is well researched. It also helps them distinguish between information that are borrowed and those that are originally yours.

Clear Distinction Between Original and Borrowed Ideas

Like what was mentioned earlier, citations can be used to acknowledge the sources of all the information you have borrowed for your paper. Apart from that, it can also help the readers of your paper distinguish between original and borrowed ideas. This means that sentences or paragraphs without in text citations are originally yours. On the other hand, sentences or paragraphs accompanied by in text citations are borrowed information.

Analyze and Evaluate the Source of Your Information

It is also helpful to first analyze and evaluate those things that you want to include into your paper. If you just plug information that may not need at all, then you are just wasting your time. It will also just ruin your paper and may also seem like you have committed plagiarism. So make sure to analyze and evaluate first the sources of information you want to borrow.

Use the Plagiarism Check Website

As you may have seen, plagiarism in all of its forms is always considered an illegal act. The punishments are serious not only in the academe but also in other areas. For that reason, you should always avoid committing plagiarism. To do that, you are recommended to use the plagiarism check website. This website contains a tool that you can specifically use to combat plagiarism. This tool can scan millions of webpages on the internet to look for contents similar to yours. It will then indicate the percent originality of your paper as well as the parts that have exactly similar ones on the internet. You only need to copy and then paste the content that you want to check in the field allotted by the tool.

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